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Mark Carroll


Mark previously worked in research groups at The Ohio State University's Laboratory for Artificial Intelligence Research (engineering design) and the University of Dundee's Computational Biology Division (microscopy), also in the European Molecular Biology Laboratory's Computational Genomics Group (knowledge bases) and Vecna Technologies' Cambridge Research Laboratory (infection surveillance).

For many years, Mark played a leading role in Aetion Technologies' R&D projects for various agencies of the Department of Defense, often acting as Principal Investigator, applying naturalistic model-based artificial intelligence techniques for inference, optimization, planning to various application domains ranging from physical (electromagnetics, sonar), biological (drug design), also more abstractly in multi-modal information fusion and various intelligence analysis (including GIS, NLP).

Mark's background is principally in computer science, with some other math and science. He has a broad range of computing experience, including assembler and C, OOP (Java, Modula-3, etc.), scripting languages (Perl 5, Python 3), functional languages (Erlang, Haskell, OCaml, etc.). enterprise webapps, RDBMS (including PL/SQL), documentation (XeTeX/TikZ, PostScript, Basser Lout), Unix/Linux/BSD sysadmin. He especially loves to learn technical detail about application domains then creatively apply novel approaches to solve problems in them.

At ORNL, Mark works with the Application Engineering Group on various projects and is always looking to apply his math, science, and simulation background to real-world problems, in anything from power grid control to transportation system design to protein folding, especially projects involving embedded distributed systems, neuromorphic AI, GPU/FPGA-accelerated HPC, or quantum algorithms.


University of Cambridge
Computer Science
Bachelor of Arts, BA (Hons)

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