About CSMD

CSM Division Director -  Dr. Michael Parks
CSM Division Director -
Dr. Michael Parks

The Computer Science and Mathematics Division (CSMD) is ORNL's premier source of basic and applied research in high-performance computing, applied mathematics, and intelligent systems. Basic and applied research programs are focused on computational sciences, intelligent systems, and information technologies.

Our mission includes working on important national priorities with advanced computing systems, working cooperatively with U.S. Industry to enable efficient, cost-competitive design, and working with universities to enhance science education and scientific awareness. Our researchers are finding new ways to solve problems beyond the reach of most computers and are putting powerful software tools into the hands of students, teachers, government researchers, and industrial scientists.

CSMD is made up of three sections:

Our research sponsors:

CSMD Science Council

The main goal of CSMD Science Council is to serve as a liaison, connecting people in the division to others at the lab who have similar or complementary interests:

  • Get to know the relevant people in the division and finding out what they are doing.
  • Help to re-design the newsletter and CSMD division/group web pages.
  • Help with division-wide seminars.
  • Support professional societies.
  • Help with proposals: connecting people, red team.

For more information about the Science Council, please go [HERE].

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