Exascale Computing Project (ECP)

The Exascale Computing Project (ECP) is a collaborative effort of two US Department of Energy (DOE) organizations – the Office of Science (DOE-SC) and the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA). As part of President Obama’s National Strategic Computing initiative, ECP was established to develop a new class of high-performance computing systems whose power will be measured in exaflops (1018 floating point operations per second), or a thousand times more powerful than today’s petaflop machines. ECP’s work encompasses applications, system software, hardware technologies and architectures, and workforce development to meet the scientific and national security mission needs of DOE.

The goal of ECP is to deliver breakthrough modeling and simulation solutions that analyze more data in less time, providing insights and answers to the most critical US challenges in scientific discovery, energy assurance, economic competitiveness, and national security.

DOE formalized this long-term strategic effort under the guidance of key leaders from six of the major DOE and NNSA national laboratories: Argonne, Lawrence Berkeley, Lawrence Livermore, Los Alamos, Oak Ridge, and Sandia.

In addition to implementing the National Strategic Computing Initiative, the ECP plays an important role in driving US technological competitiveness amid the convergence of HPC, big data analytics and machine learning, topics that ECP-funded research and development efforts will impact across the spectrum of science and engineering domains and disciplines

It is important to note that the ECP is not just a project to build extremely fast, large capacity supercomputers. The ECP addresses hardware, software, applications, platforms, and workforce development critical to the effective use of exascale computing environments.

ECP’s focus is on “capable” exascale systems. That means hardware, software, applications, platforms and facilities are co-designed and integrated to deliver sustained performance supporting key DOE missions and contributing to US economic competitiveness.

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