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UnifyCR is a user level file system currently under active development. An application can use node-local storage as burst buffers for shared files. UnifyCR is designed to support both checkpoint/restart, which is the most important I/O workload for HPC, and other common I/O workloads as well. With UnifyCR, applications can write to fast, scalable, node-local burst buffers as easily as they do the parallel file system.


UnifyCR v0.2.0 released on February 25 (see

This release includes several major enhancements developed over the past year, including integration of the Mercury RPC and Argobots lightweight threading libraries for efficient client-server communication, integration with the SLURM and LSF/CSM resource management systems, improved POSIX I/O coverage, support for the Spack HPC package manager, and numerous bug fixes from production hardening on OLCF’s Summitdev.

Last Updated: May 28, 2020 - 4:05 pm