Total variation-based neutron computed tomography

Cross section of the three-dimensional reconstructed attenuation for the fuel injector using FBP and PA on full data sets as well as subsampled data. (a) FBP. (b) TV regularization. (c) FBP from subsampled data. (d) TV regularization from subsampled data.


Richard C. Barnard, Hassina Bilheux, Todd Toops, Eric Nafziger, Charles Finney, Derek Splitter, and Rick Archibald1, "Total variation-based neutron computed tomography", Review of Scientific Instruments 89, 053704 (2018)


We perform the neutron computed tomography reconstruction problem via an inverse problem formulation with a total variation penalty. In the case of highly under-resolved angular measurements, the total variation penalty suppresses high-frequency artifacts which appear in filtered back projections. In order to efficiently compute solutions for this problem, we implement a variation of the split Bregman algorithm; due to the error-forgetting nature of the algorithm, the computational cost of updating can be significantly reduced via very inexact approximate linear solvers. We present the effectiveness of the algorithm in the significantly low-angular sampling case using synthetic test problems as well as data obtained from a high flux neutron source. The algorithm removes artifacts and can even roughly capture small features when an extremely low number of angles are used.

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