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Rick Archibald


I received my Ph.D. in Mathematics, from Arizona State University in 2002, with Anne Gelb that is currently in the Department of Mathematics, at Dartmouth College.  I work in the Computational and Applied Mathematics Group at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

My research interests lie in data reconstruction and analysis, high order edge detection, large scale optimization, time integration, and uncertainty quantification. 

I am the data analytics lead for the SciDAC DOE institute FASTMath. Additionally I have worked as the co-leader of the Environment for Quantifying Uncertainty Integrated aNd Optimized at the eXtreme scale (EQUINOX) project, where I have been able to focus on more fundamental aspects of uncertainty quantification, linking convergence and accuracy results for methods independently developed by the statistics and applied mathematics communities.  I have worked as the leader of the ACcurate qUantified Mathematical mEthods for Neutron and experimental science (ACUMEN), using advances in optimization, statistical modeling, image processing, and signal analysis to merge leadership scale experimental and computational facilities at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). This combination has proven to provide the unique computational and mathematical tools necessary for analysis of big experimental data which is essential for large scale scientific discovery.


Arizona State University
Applied Mathematics
University of Alberta
Applied Mathematics
University of Alberta
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