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Parallel Aggregate Persistent Storage

Papyrus is a programming system that provides features for scalable, aggregate, persistent memory. Papyrus provides a portable and scalable programming interface to access and manage parallel data structures on the distributed nonvolatile memory (NVM) storage. Papyrus consists of three components, virtual file system, C++ templates, and key-value store. Papyrus is portable across node-local NVM architecture and dedicated NVM architecture. Papyrus runs in a distributed fashion without any centralized control that may become a significant bottleneck in large-scale systems. Since Papyrus is implemented as a user-level library using MPI, and it does not require any type of system-level daemon or server, it runs on most existing HPC system.


  • Papyrus allows the programmers to exploit large aggregate NVM space in the system without handling complex communication, synchronization, replication, and consistency models.
  • Papyrus Virtual File System (VFS) provides a uniform aggregate NVM storage image across diverse NVM architectures. PapyrusVFS implements a subset of POSIX API related to file I/O.
  • Papyrus Template Container Library (TCL) provides a high-level container programming interface whose data elements can be distributed to multiple NVM nodes. PapyrusTCL provides three containers, including map, vector, and matrix, implemented as C++ templates.
  • Papyrus Key-Value Store (KV) stores keys and values in arbitrary byte arrays across multiple NVMs. PapyrusKV provides advanced features designed for HPC such as configuring consistency, zero-copy workflow, and asynchronous checkpoint/restart.



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