Designing Algorithms for the EMU Migrating-threads-based Algorithms


Mehmet E. Belviranli, Seyong Lee, and Jeffrey S. Vetter, Designing Algorithms for the EMU Migrating-threads-based Algorithms, HPEC18: IEEE High Performance Extreme Computing Conference, Best Paper Finalist, September 2018


The decades-old memory bottleneck problem for data-intensive applications is getting worse as the processor core counts continue to increase. Workloads with sparse memory access characteristics only achieve a fraction of a system's total memory bandwidth. EMU architecture provides a radical approach to the issue by migrating the computational threads to the location where the data resides. The system enables access to a large PGAS-type memory for hundreds of nodes via a Cilk-based multi-threaded execution scheme. EMU architecture brings brand new challenges in application design and development. Data distribution and thread creation strategies play a crucial role in achieving optimal performance in the EMU platform. In this work, we identify several design considerations that need to be taken care of while developing applications for the new architecture and we evaluate their performance effects on the EMU-chick hardware. We also present a modified BFS algorithm for the EMU system and give experimental results for its execution on the platform.

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