Researcher Profile

Tommy Nelson


Tommy Nelson is a Senior Research Scientist and Manager at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.  He is leader of the Data System Sciences and Engineering (DSSE) Group in the Computer Science and Mathematics Division at ORNL.  He leads computing professionals to research, develop and apply methodologies to efficiently provide comprehensive, integrated, and validated information supporting decision-making for scientific research and national security programs across myriad domains.  DSSE areas of expertise include systems architectures, data analytics, systems development, data management, systems integration, risk analysis, systems operations, and cloud computing.  Current focus areas include critical infrastructure protection, nuclear nonproliferation, large-scale scientific data management, and unmanned aerial systems platforms. 

Mr. Nelson is also Program Manager and Principal Investigator for the Center for Infrastructure Security Analysis (CISA) at ORNL.  Founded in 2007 following passage of legislation establishing the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards, CISA works closely with the Department of Homeland Security to secure the Nation’s chemical facilities.  With an annual budget of $10M+, CISA provides subject matter expertise across several disciplines, providing data systems engineering, data systems development, data integration, risk analysis, quality assurance, geospatial correction, cyber security, data analysis, reporting, system hosting, and user services.  ORNL has helped develop a suite of software to identify and help safeguard high-risk chemicals from terrorist threats and natural disasters.  Staff members utilize agile software development methodologies to create adaptable, highly-customizable, IP-based knowledge discovery and visualization systems to manage and quickly deliver information. 


University of Tennessee
Finance/Management Science
Bachelor of Science

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