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Gokcen Kestor


Dr. Gokcen Kestor is a Research Scientist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. She has 10 years of HPC programming model research experience in both National labs and academia with strong publication record, with a total of 34 publications and with h-index of 6. She co-advised and mentored several Ph.D. students. Dr. Kestor’s research solves computer science challenges in HPC software, such as scalability, energy efficiency, programmability, and portability. Her primary expertise is in HPC system software, i.e., providing performance and energy efficiency on advanced HPC systems through runtime and compiler optimizations. She has expertise in programming models, power/performance modeling, emerging architectures, compiler and runtime systems. She is active in the HPC research community, e.g., as the Program Committee member of top-tier HPC conferences and is a co-organizer of the Women in HPC workshops at ISC’18 and SC’18. She also is the lead author of “Quantifying the Energy Cost of Data Movement in Scientific Applications,” which was nominated for a 2013 IEEE International Symposium on Workload Characterization Best Paper award. This work was the first to provide a quantitative analysis and breakdown of the energy cost of data movement on current systems. This work is used as a reference for scientific studies that aim at reducing the energy cost of data movement.


Polytechnic University of Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain
Computer Science
Polytechnic University of Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain
Computer Science
Master of Science
Dokuz Eylul University, Izmir, Turkey
Computer Science Engineer
Bachelor of Science

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