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Cindy Terry


Cindy has been a Software Developer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory since 1990 working on exciting projects such as:

  • ADANS (Airlift Deployment and Analysis System) which was used by the Air Force during Desert Storm/Shield to help with staging of equipment, personnel, and aircraft;
  • CBMS Block II (Chemical & Biological Mass Spectrometer Block II) used by the Army in tanks to detect Chemical and Biological weapons;
  • BWIC (Biological Weapons Incident Characterization) used by the Department of Homeland Security in large cities to detect and identify biological weapons; and
  • CSAT (Chemical Security Assessment Tool) used by the Department of Homeland Security to regulate chemical facilities across the United States.

Cindy has been awarded 2 Technical Achievement awards for work on ADANS and CBMS Block II (which was also an R&D 100 Award winning project), and 2 Significant Event awards.


East Tennessee State University
Computer Science
Bachelor of Science (B.S)

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