Future Technologies

Future Technologies
Understanding the impact of emerging computing technologies on applications

The Future Technologies group in the Computer Science and Mathematics Division (CSMD) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) performs research in core technologies for future generations of computing architectures, including emerging computer architectures and software systems. We investigate these technologies with the goal of improving some aspect of performance, energy efficiency, or productivity of these architectures. Frequently, we collaborate with applications teams to co-design new algorithm implementations and develop performance predictions to exploit these technologies.

Since 2004 we have worked in a wide range of areas, including:

  • Emerging architectures including GPUs, FPGAs, nonvolatile memory, and other architectures such as IBM Cell, Emu, and NEC Vector Engines,
  • Productive programming environments including compilers for heterogeneous systems, intelligent runtime systems, and distributed memory programming models,
  • Performance analysis, modeling, simulation, and prediction, and
  • Application-Architecture codesign.

See our Research pages and publications (listed below) for more information about this work.