PaRSEC task-based runtime as an alternative programming paradigm

Dr. George Bosilca
Dr. George Bosilca

Abstract: Efficiently harnessing the computational power of increasingly complex architectures, requires complex software stacks, a trend at odds with traditional programming approaches and that negatively reflects in the programmability of such systems.

Novel programming models strive to improve upon the status quo by unifying the expression of parallelism across all system layers by raising the level of abstraction and using modern language design features, in order to collaboratively leverage the combined strengths of programmers, compilers, runtimes, and operating systems.

This presentation will highlight findings in the search for a more efficient and flexible programming paradigm as reflected in the research and engineering efforts around the PaRSEC runtime and its DSL ecosystem.

Bio: George Bosilca is a Research Director and Adjunct Assistant Professor at the Innovative Computing Laboratory at The University of Tennessee, Knoxville. His research interests revolve around parallel programming concepts, designing support for parallel applications to maximize their efficiency, scalability, heterogeneity and resiliency at any scale and in any settings. He is actively involved in projects such as Open MPI, ULFM, PaRSEC, DPLASMA, TESSE.

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