Embedding non-linear systems data into a reproducing kernel Hilbert space.

Dr. Benjamin Russo
Dr. Benjamin Russo

Abstract: In this talk we will introduce a mathematical framework to embed non-linear dynamical systems into a reproducing kernel Hilbert space using trajectories as a fundamental unit of data. This is done via a novel kernel, dubbed an “occupation kernel.”  We’ll talk about applications to system identification problems and in particular motion tomography problems, which seek to recreate a vector field from trajectory data. Moreover, we’ll discuss further applications to dynamic mode decomposition.

Speaker’s Bio: Benjamin Russo received his Ph.D in Mathematics from the University of Florida in operator theory and functional analysis. Subsequently, he held a visiting position at the University of Connecticut and currently holds an assistant professor position at Farmingdale State College SUNY. His current research efforts are directed towards a blend of both applied and pure functional analysis, focusing on the development of novel and robust approaches to learning theory in dynamical systems and categorical approaches to quantum information theory.


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