Applications of Sparse Grids Discontinuous Galerkin Schemes

Dr. Lin Mu
Dr. Lin Mu

Abstract:  In this talk, we present several applications of the sparse grid discontinuous Galerkin (SGDG) schemes. The SGDG scheme was first proposed by Cheng [1] for high-dimensional elliptic equations for tackling the curse of dimensionality. In this talk, we will first review the scheme's construction and then design the corresponding numerical schemes to solve several partial differential equations in the computational plasma physics field, including Maxwell, Vlasov, Fokker-Planck equations. Besides, we also discuss several extensions to the sparse-grid schemes.

1.Wang Z, Tang Q, Guo W, Cheng Y. Sparse grid discontinuous Galerkin methods for high-dimensional elliptic equations. Journal of Computational Physics. 2016 Jun 1;314:244-63.

Speaker’s Bio: Lin Mu is currently an assistant professor at Department of Mathematics, University of Georgia (UGA). Before moving to UGA, she was a Householder Fellow working at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Dr. Mu received her Ph.D. in Applied Science from the University of Arkansas in 2012 and her M.Sc. and B.S in Computational Mathematics from Xi'an Jiaotong University in 2009 and 2006. Dr. Mu's areas of interest include: Applied Mathematics, Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing; Theory and Application of Finite Element Methods, Adaptive Methods, Post-processing approach; Multi-scale Modeling approach and Efficient Numerical Solver to engineering, chemistry, biology and material sciences.


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