CSMD Science Council

Project Status: Active

The science council is composed of a representative from each of the groups within the Computer Science and Mathematics Division as well as division representation. The primary job is to serve as a liaison, connecting people in the division to others at the lab who have similar or complementary interests.  Core activities of the science council therefore involve getting to know the interests and capabilities of staff within the division, as well as finding opportunities to assist in connecting staff outside of their immediate group.  

As such, there are several specific activities that the science council manages:

  • Hosts the division’s Recognition Lecture Series
  • Manages the yearly CSMD Awards Committee
  • Assists with the division’s research web presence
  • Manages cross-division and funding opportunity seminars
  • Supporting professional society activities

Research Careers in Focus

CSMD researchers discuss the value of Professional Society Memberships

George Ostrouchov
Pablo Seleson

Internal Access Only Resources

Funding Opportunities Website
The intent of this site is to provide the proof of concept for an institutional system to raise staff awareness of funding opportunities in which ORNL is eligible to participate. 

LDRD Website
LDRD is a vital program that is governed by DOE Order 413.2C which allows ORNL to support a limited number of R&D projects to:

  • Maintain the scientific vitality of the Laboratory;
  • Enhance ability to address current and future DOE missions; 
  • Stimulate exploration of forefront science and technology; 
  • Serve as a proving ground for new research; and
  • Support high-risk, potentially high-value R&D.

2018 Early Career WorkshopBarney Maccabe's Presentation
The CSMD Science Council hosts a workshop for those researchers who are within 10 years of their PhD and are interested in the ASCR Early Career proposal process.  The goal is to help kick-start a process to enable better visibility and mentoring of our early career staff by offering key information and also informal time to discuss process and directions. 

2019 CSMD LDRD/SEED Portfolio Workshop

The CSMD Science Council hosts a workshop on the lab’s current LDRD portfolio (DRD, SEED, …).  Ramie Wilkerson, the LDRD program manager and SEED Proposal Review Committee Chair, will present an overview of the current opportunities within the program portfolio, followed by a panel of past SEED and LDRD winners.  We aim for an interactive panel session, with lots of opportunities for questions about what writing these internally funded grants are like, what the process is, and so on.  This is intended as a supplement to the specific information that comes out of the recent DRD program kick-offs.


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