Exploiting parallelism in mobile devices


Arghya Chatterjee, Timothy Newton, Tom Roush, Hunter Tidwell, Vivek Sarkar (Rice University). Exploiting parallelism in mobile devices. SPLASH Companion 2015 Companion Proceedings of the 2015 ACM SIGPLAN International Conference on Systems, Programming, Languages and Applications: Software for Humanity, Pages 38-39.


The computational heart of modern mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and wearables is a powerful system-on-chip (SoC) with rich parallelism and heterogeneity. While the hardware parallelism of these mobile systems continues to increase year-over-year, they remain resource constrained with respect to power consumption and thermal dissipation. Efficient use of multi-core processors in mobile devices is a key requirement for improving performance, while staying within the power and thermal limits of mobile devices. 

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Last Updated: May 28, 2020 - 4:04 pm