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Matthew Wolf


Dr. Matthew Wolf is a Senior Computer Scientist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the Scientific Data Group. He is currently serving as the acting director for the VISTA laboratory.  His background in Mathematics and computational Physics as well as High Performance Computing shapes much of his research interest in computer operating systems, middleware, and CS education.  His research targets high performance, scalable applications, particularly focused on I/O and adaptive event middlewares. Specific research topics include adaptive I/O interfaces, metadata-rich data services, creation of dynamic, semantic indexes for scientific data, and  handling and fusion of heterogeneous data types.  His work has been sponsored by NSF, DoE, Oak Ridge, Intel, HP, and Cisco, among others.  His work on education has focused on infusing some of the excitement of modern systems research  through a modular, case-driven approach, particularly addressing multi-/many-core programming.

His Google Scholar page is here.


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