Researcher Profile

Arghya Chatterjee


Arghya is currently working as a Research Associate at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory under the guidance of Oscar Hernandez in the Computer Science Research Group (Group Leader: David Bernholdt), and a part time PhD student at Georgia Institute of Technology (Thesis Advisor: Prov. Vivek Sarkar).

Arghya's current research focusses on optimizing legacy physics applications at the lab, using asynchronous programming models. Arghya is leading an effort with CNMS (Thomas Maier, Nano-science's group) at ORNL to design a shared memory version of the legacy codes with OpenMP and a distributed memory version with MPI+X (where X, can be OpenMP or other asynchronous shared memory programming models).  

Prior to joining Georgia Tech, Arghya completed his MS (Thesis Chair: Prof. Vivek Sarkar) in Computer Science at Rice University where his research was focused on runtime systems on multicore machines, asynchronous programming models (mainly the Actor model) and exploiting parallelism on Android devices. 

Research Interests (not in any particular order): 

  • Distributed Systems 
  • Asynchronous Programming Models 
  • Parallelism on Embedded Devices
  • Heterogenous Systems 


2020 (est)
Georgia Institue of Technology (GA Tech)
Computer Science (High Performance Computing)
Rice University, Houston, TX
Computer Science, Thesis: Enabling distributed reconfiguration in an Actor Model (Asynchronous Programming Model)
Master of Science
West Bengal University of Technology, India.
Major: Computer Science; Minor: Information Security and Cryptography
Bachelor of Science

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