AI: This Is Just the Beginning

Event: Direct Current - An Podcast


Presenter: Katie Schuman


...but what's all the hype really about? In this episode, Direct Current travels to Oak Ridge National Lab in Tennessee to find out how AI is going to revolutionize science and energy, and welcomes a new podcast to the Department of Energy family!

DOE-fueled AI is already being used to strengthen our national security and cybersecurity, improve grid resilience, increase environmental sustainability, enable smarter cities, improve water resource management, as well as speed the discovery of new materials and compounds, and further the understanding, prediction, and treatment of disease.

DOE’s National Labs are home to four of the top ten fastest supercomputers in the world, and we’re currently building three next-generation exascale machines, which will be even faster and more AI-capable computers.

When it comes to AI, this is just the beginning.

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Last Updated: May 28, 2020 - 4:04 pm