MiC Seminars

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Purpose of the Seminars

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Upcoming Seminars

David Kamensky
David Kamensky

Isogeometric and Meshfree Analysis of Nonlocal Damage, Fracture, and Contract Part II: Mathematical Issues

An immediately-preceding computational mechanics seminar introduced the motivation for and several applications of nonlocal models for damage and contact mechanics, and presented the case for combining meshfree and isogeometric numerical methods for such problems, illustrated by several examples. [See more]


Cory Hauck
Cory Hauck

A Mathematical Model of Asynchronous Data Flow in Parallel Computers

In the first part of this talk, we present a simple ordinary differential equation model of data flow through nodes in a computer processor network. Under an appropriate asymptotic scaling, this model approximates a partial differential equation which treats data as a continuum fluid and takes the form of a non-standard conservation law. From this conservation law, we derive a Hamilton-Jacobi equation for which the existence and uniqueness of solutions can be proven. [See more]

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