DOECode Web Software Portal Upgrade


Upgraded the DOECode web server and client code for security and compatibility.

Significance and Impact

This work has enhanced the DOECode web site to better integrate with ORNL security and provide better aesthetics and from a locally hosted machine.

Research Details

  • Added new SAML authentication for both the client and server.
  • Restyled website with improved CSS layout.
  • Rehosted the site to a deployment on local machines for better management.


The DOECode software portal is a website for aggregating information about Department of Energy software. It allows for users to upload information about their codes, along with links to source code for open source projects, and to search through a database of codes based on a variety of information, including software name, author, related organizations, etc. This work has focused on upgrades to the website, improving its usability. Firstly, the security has been overhauled. Rather than managing private accounts for the website itself, DOECode now works with the central SAML identity provider. This allows users to sign in, and associate their code with, their standard UCAMS account, increasing ease of use and providing the site with more user information. The second goal was to restyle the website for improved aesthetics and using the official lab colors of white and green. Finally, the website has been deployed onto a local machine for hosting. The web client and backend server, which manages the database of codes, have been deployed to a Tomcat webserver running inside a Docker container on one of the Scientific Software Development Team’s local machines. The new database is also hosted within the same virtual machine, and data has been migrated from the previous version into it. This installation is also able to connect with Amazon Web Services for cloud computing capabilities.

Last Updated: May 28, 2020 - 4:04 pm